Cleaning supplies

Associates and volunteers at Life Care Center of Colorado Springs, Colorado, recently went far beyond their daily duties to help a patient return home safely.


The resident had completed his rehabilitation program and was independent enough to go home, but there was a problem. During the home evaluation, the therapy team had discovered that the resident was a hoarder. The facility was having a hard time finding a home health company that would visit him.


Robert Maclennan, recreation director, found out about the dilemma and organized a group of more than a dozen volunteers and associates to help clean the resident’s home. The team spent several hours over three separate days to accomplish this task. In addition, other associates donated money to help purchase cleaning supplies and fresh groceries.


“It was something we needed to do to help him be able to go home,” said Maclennan.


The resident returned home with the needed services in place on July 15, 2016.