Associates with boxes of donations

In honor of National Nutrition Month, Life Care Center of Colorado Springs, Colorado, hosted a food drive throughout the month of March to benefit five local in-need facilities.


Cachet Hampton, dietitian, coordinated the efforts among the departments, and the drive ran for the whole month. At the end, the facility had collected 535 pounds of nonperishable food and water cases, including cases of ramen noodles, boxes of cereal, jars of peanut butter, bags of rice and bottles of flavored sparkling water.


Catholic Charities of Central Colorado shared a note: “We do Thanksgiving dinners every Friday. Without businesses like you, we wouldn’t make it. We truly appreciate it.”


“We are proud to keep the care going, not only to our residents but also to the community we call home,” said Lori Cimoch, business development director.

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